Ionela is the creator of Strawberry Events and, since 2006, she has hosted and organized over 200 events.

Her studies in Theater and Cultural Management matched perfectly her career aspiration. After moving and taking part in different projects around Europe, in 2015 she settled in Amsterdam, where she was surrounded by plenty of start-ups and creative people.

Her desire and curiosity of connecting the people lead in organizing gatherings, workshops, seminars or conferences for them. The combination of tech events, cultural background, and 5-star hospitality experience gives a unique combination of delivering an experience, not just an event.

Founding the Strawberry Events company was the stepping stone to achieving her longtime dream of running her own business. She loves connecting people, music, languages, good food and of course, traveling.

Ionela’s most important key skills are Hosting | Leadership | Management | Production | Ticketing | Hospitality | Marketing. Being a good communicator and understand people easily are also two of her qualities which help her understands the needs of the client.