October Events

October Events. Work, learnings, networking and breaking the boundaries

Our conclusion after this month is that creating beautiful and meaningful events needs well-trained and passionate people. They create a great experience. With a busy start of the month, full of online and offline meetings, discussing potential collaborations, these are our October highlights:

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September Events

WOW! September was a crazy month! We are still overwhelmed by everything we’ve done, by the number of people we met and by their quality.  Here’s an overview of our beautiful and busy September:

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Plogging Day in Amsterdam

15th of September-> National Day of Cleanup -> Plogging Day in Amsterdam

Holland is a country with quite clean cities, thanks to the great cleaning companies, but can you imagine how squeaky clean it would get if everyone picked up just one piece of litter?

Let’s celebrate the National Day of Cleanup with a Plogging session, on the third Saturday of September!
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Join our volunteers team!

Join our volunteers’ team!

We have some opportunities for an intern and volunteers

The work field competition is increasing day by day. More and more companies require from their prospective employee’s experience, even when they have only finished their bachelor’s programme. To increase your chances of being exactly what the employer is looking for, you must acquire this experience through internships and by volunteering. The events management industry is ever growing so it is always in need of a helping hand from proactive, smart, fun and responsible interns and volunteers. Read more

King’s Day – SE Boat Party

Celebrate King’s Day like a local!

Wondering what big celebrations are happening in Amsterdam this Spring? 
Strawberry Events offers a great party for you and your friends.  Read more