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Strawberry Events stands up for qualitative, unique, and fresh experiences. We have all the ingredients to create vibrant and impactful events. We are known for our special care for people and planning skills.

  • Special event creation
  • Space decoration
  • Photography & Videography
  • On-site entertainment
  • Venue selection
  • Catering selection
  • Supplier selection
  • Staff management
  • Registration desk management
  • Event set-up and tear down
  • Tech services: audiovisual, lighting, live-streaming


Over the years, we worked in over 200 events, from theatre festivals, ballet competitions, art exhibitions, start-up conferences and workshops, un-conferences, meet-ups, celebrations in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Balkan area. Our work is driven by the same pleasure and enthusiasm, no matter the subject or importance of the project. We understand and adapt to the different expectations and characteristics of the tech, mobility, and arts industry.


If you are looking for operational excellence at your event, Ionela is the perfect person to approach! She helped to organise the campaign launch event of Straw by Straw with perfect execution of everything that needed to be done. She helped me shape the concept of the evening, and took care of all the details during the event.

In other words: The perfect person for any corporate event or party!

Everlyn Liu

Straw by Straw

Ionela is a top event manager. Super organized, with attention to all the detail. I didn't have to stress or worry for a second on the logistics and organization. Very reliable and recommended.

Alvaro Gonzalez San Pedro

Iron Hack

2019 marks the third year that Ionela and I have worked together for VR Days Europe, but this is the first year that I was in direct supervision of her. I can't express enough how fortunate I was to have her on the team. She was a team player when I needed her to be one, and when I needed her to run things on her own, she stepped up to the challenge and took charge. She was thoughtful, assertive and a professional throughout. Praise for Ionela came from everyone from the festival director to our technical partners to Ionela's peers.

I will absolutely call on Ionela in the future.

Shea Elmore

VR Days

Ionela is a true star! I have worked with her at my How To Buy A House event in different cities in the Netherlands. First of all, Ionela is never late. That is a good thing itself, but even better she does not need words to do the job she is hired for. She just knows what to do, even the first time she joined our team! Amazing experience. I can state that with her in charge at my events I do not have to worry at all. Things run as smoothly as can be and that is very comforting. Ionela herself is a great personality. She is warm, nice, and easy to talk to.

She is also clear in what she needs and has a pleasant way to communicate with our visitors and other staff members.

Monique Burgemeester

How to Buy a House in Amsterdam

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Hello! I am Ionela and I love bringing people together.

With my experience in e-mobility, tech, arts, and hospitality, I support businesses in presenting their product or service through creating concepts and brand activations. A deep understanding of the e-mobility market enables me to build strategic partnerships to be enhanced through catered events and relationship management.

I obtained my Theater Studies and Cultural Management in 2011 and In 2015 I settled in Amsterdam, where I use experience in tech events, 5-star hospitality, and cultural background to bringing uniqueness to each event.

I’ve been blessed with working in international teams, contributing to over 200 events since 2006 in the Balkan area, The United Kingdom, and The Netherlands. 

Founding Strawberry Events was the stepping stone to achieving my longtime dream of running my own business. I am driven by curiosity and care for a better future, I courageously engage in everything I do, using efficient and sensitive communication to build strong connections.